• Largest Capacity in its Class : 120,000 Gallons/Hour
  • Fastest Processing of the input stream : 7-11 Minutes in processing the influent – shortest retention  time
  • Mobility : Mobile module, self-contained in a 20 or 40 feet container
  • Plug and Play :The machine comes fully assembled – just connect the power, inlet and outlet pipes
  • Smallest footprint : Needs only 600 Sq Ft space for operation; Major savings in real estate
  • Superior Performance :Removes heavy metal, Arsenic, BOD, COD and TSS
  • Time of Deployment :Very little Civil work, Machine can be fabricated and deployed in 12 weeks

Self-contained unit for Multitude of Applications in various Industries

  • Cleaning polluted lakes, ponds, rivers, ports, channels, and industrial water basins.
  • Treatment and pre-cleaning sewage water
  • Effluent treatment and re-use in industries where water is a critical input e.g., paper and pulp, pharmaceutical, food and beverages
  • Treating polluted water from various mines
  • Pre-clarifying water before ultra filtration
  • Pre-cleaning of water for the hydraulic fracking industry
  • Replacement of traditional “static” clarifiers
  • Mobile applications for waste water treatment – easy to transport, meeting  deployment needs for remote areas