What is Waterneer?

Wastewater treatment machine in usa

WATERNEER is a High Flow Rate, Mobile, Compact Clarifier deploying Physical-chemical process using selective chemical agents and polymers in a turbulent mix inside a multi chamber stainless steel vessel.

Waterneer performs Coagulation, Flocculation, Sedimentation and UV treatment in a compact vessel without the use of any mixer motors and in quick steps achieving very low retention time.

  • With effluent flowing at a very high speed
  • Use the kinetic energy of the flowing water to facilitate coagulation and flocculation
  • Calms down the fluid in a chamber to sediment the flocs and allowing the clear water to flow upwards
  • Resulting in considerable reduction in retention time

It uses the Kinetic energy of the incoming water to enhance the formation of robust flocs.  The unique characteristics of the interior design with no moving parts allows a very short coagulation and flocculation period resulting in flocs to concentrate at the bottom of the vessel and the clarified water to flow upward to the exit chamber. The baffles and interior curvature of the vessel bring the fluid to a near zero kinetic state to significantly increase the settling velocities of the flocs.

Waterneer has the capacity of processing 120,000 gallons (450 Meter cube) per hour with a residence time of 7 to 11 minutes through a mobile unit requiring only 600 square feet of space.

There is no such machine in the market today.