Waterneer is a Specialty, Unique and compelling

Waterneer has the capacity of processing 120,000 gallons per hour with a residence time of 7 to 11minutes through a mobile unit requiring only a 600 square feet of space with a diesel generator in any remote location. There is no such machine in market today.

Waterneer machine is the world’s Fastest Clarifier with the largest […]

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Waterneer improve people’s lives

We believe the market for recycling and reuse of waste water is growing significantly in every industry and in every country. Waterneer machine removes suspended solids (Turbidity), color, algae, colloidal matter, heavy metals, Arsenic, faecal coliform, 96% of total phosphorus and 50% to 80% of Biological Oxygen Demand & Chemical Oxygen Demand.

The output from Waterneer […]

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