Primary contaminants: Arsenic, Copper and Cadmium

Problem Description:
During heavy rain in summer and heavy snow in winter, the mine was flooded. Needed cleanup and safe discharge of effluent water.

Customer Expectation:
Cleanup the polluted waste in the mine and discharge the water meeting the environmental limits

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Waterneer Solution and the Results:
Sometimes the mine accumulated 50 meters deep water at the bottom. Waterneer worked with very low pH waste water. The pH was raised with powdered Lime. With the use of selective coagulants and flocculants, the heavy metals were allowed to precipitate as sludge and water was discharged into the natural stream under the safe limit from Environmental agency. Waterneer worked for Recycling and Dewatering wastewater from the mine, handled 166,000 M3 of water. Primary contaminants: Arsenic, Copper, Iron, Magnesium and Cadmium. Waterneer proved to be very effective for removing heavy metals, operation 24 hours/day for 4 month. Boliden Mine has a waste treatment plant for regular load but Waterneer is always on call for any unforeseen situation.

Waterneer at Boliden Skelleftea – Boliden Zinc Mine, Sweden


Boliden Zinc Mine – Water Treatment Results

Magnificent results to clean mine effluent laden with heavy metals

Waterneer at Boliden Skelleftea – Boliden Zinc Mine, Sweden