Wastewater containing small pulp fiber from paper mill

Time period six months treated and clarified 380,000 M3 of sludge and water without any production disruption.

Problem Description:
The holding basin/pond for the waste discharge from the paper mill was almost full and they were not allowed to discharge into the natural stream.

Customer Expectation:
Clean up the pond and meet the environmental limitations.

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Waterneer Solution and the Results:
80% of the pond was full of solids – the fiber from the paper mill. A dredger was used to pull the waste slurry and pushed through the Waterneer machine. Solids were taken to a landfill around 300 meters away. The clean water was sent back to the other end on the pond separated with a flexible barrier. In six months 380,000 M3 of wastewater was treated and clarified without any production disruption. Paper mill has installed a filter system to arrest the short fibers. Customer is evaluating Waterneer machine to replace the filter to save cost and implement a better recovery of fiber and once step process.

Waterneer Cleaning Dirty Water at Sweden