Waste water treatment plant for the separation of sludge and wastewater. Time period 3 month clarifying 25,000 M3 polluted water.

Problem Description:
Effluent from multiple factories was collected in a sedimentation pond which was very smelly and needed cleanup

Customer Expectation:
Clean up the pond and discharge the water to a natural water body meeting the environmental regulations

Waterneer Solution and the Results:
Waterneer machine started pumping the waste from the bottom through a submersible pump. The waste had high BOD and COD but the effluent from the machine reduced it to a considerable limit for safe discharge. Waterneer proved to reduce BOD and COD by 50% to 80%. The Waterneer plant was used for the separation of sludge and wastewater. In three months it treated 25,000 M3 polluted water. Customer is presently evaluating a new plant from Waterneer for a permanent solution.

Waterneer at Ragn-Sells – Stockholm, Sweden


Waterneer at Ragn-Sells – Water Treatment Results

30% to 40% reduction of BOD & COD
75% to 99% removal of heavy metals